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Labor Day Sale

Labor Day Sale!

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Are You Defrosting Appropriately?

It’s getting towards the end of the harsh summer season. Your refrigeration units should be scheduled for periodic maintenance soon. In the meantime, make sure your freezers are defrosting appropriately.

Find the time clocks that control your freezer defrost and set them properly. The time clocks might located on top of or underneath your freezers, on the wall, or roof. There is a clock for each freezer. You may be able to reduce the # of defrost cycles (depending on your area) from 4 to 3 times daily. Each cycle should be about 15 minutes long. Never defrost between Noon & 6pm. That is when you pay the most for electricity! Also make sure that the evaporator drain line is heated & insulated so that the defrost condensate has some place to go. Improper defrosting can waste a lot of your money & compromise safe freezer temperatures. 844.292.6694

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Overworking Your Walk-in?

Is your walk-in barely working or working too hard?

Many commercial kitchen’s “stress out” their walk-in coolers and freezers without knowing it. Stressing your refrigeration equipment is a bad idea. Not only does this shorten the lifespan of the unit, it costs more to run the equipment. The added stress makes the compressor work harder to keep the unit cold. This racks up utility bills taking away from any type of return on investment. Meaning, money is literally getting tossed out the window!

Small cost effective measures can relieve the added work load from the compressor making it run more efficient and last much longer. And not to mention, reduce utility bills. Things like strip curtains, gaskets, door closers, door hinges, and latches ensure that your door is closed tight ensuring energy savings and cost nothing once placed on the unit.

Bulk strip curtains

Strip Curtains

Plastic strip curtains save energy without using any. Strip curtains can be used to forma a see-through barrier to keep cool air in and warm air out. PVC refrigerated walk-in curtains are easy to install and maintain. They come in a variety of widths and thicknesses depending on the application.



Cooler/Freezer Gaskets

Gaskets that are, cracked, torn, worn out, or even missing do much more harm than good. A cooler or freezer door must seal completely to be effective. Replace your gaskets to ensure the hot humid kitchen air stays out of your refrigeration units.





kason 1094 door closers

Walk-in Door Closers

In order to make sure that your walk-in box is closed completely install cooler and freezer door closers. They grab the door as it is closing and ensure an airtight seal. As an added bonus employees can’t leave the freezer doors open!


FREE Gaskets!!! Happy Christmas in July. Buy 3 cooler or freezer gaskets and get the 4th gasket for FREE! The free gasket must be of equal or lesser value. No coupon needed to get your free cooler or freezer gasket. The gasket discount is taken off in the shopping cart at checkout.

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Smooth VS Ribbed

Do you know what should go on your walk-in refrigeration units? All types of strip curtains serve a specific purpose. Adding ribbed curtains when not needed won’t cause harm to your refrigeration units, but you may not want to spend the extra dollars if they are not necessary.

2 Questions should be asked:

  1. What type of traffic is going through the doors?
    – Forklifts and Machine traffic should used ribbed curtain material
    -Foot traffic should use smooth strip curtain material
  2. Do the strip curtains need to be cleaned on a regular basis?
    -If yes then smooth strip curtain material would be the better choice because of its flat profile

Smooth Strip Curtain Properties:

  • Flat Surface
  • Crystal Clear – offering very good visibility
  • Ideal for Pedestrian Applications
  • Easy to Clean
  • Commonly Used for Foodservice or More Technical Applications

Ribbed Strip Curtain Properties:

  • Ribbed Profile
  • Good for Heavy Traffic Applications
  • Ribs Work Like Bumpers – Protect from heavy loads
  • Ideal for Forklifts or Other Machinery Going In & Out
  • Ribbed Strip Curtain Material Needs to Be Replaced When Scratches Effect Visibility – When safety starts to be of a concern 844.292.6694



How Much Overlap Do I Need?

Cooler and freezer strip curtains come in all shapes, sizes, textures, and overlap possible. Strip curtain doors can be very effective in sealing off air flow if they are used in the proper way with the correct overlap. But what is overlap? How much is necessary? Can there be too much of a good thing?

In short, yes there can be. Strip curtain overlap depends on what application the strip curtain doors are being used for. The standard walk-in cooler or freezer strip curtain overlap is 67% (meaning 33.5% of the strip is covered up on either side creating a 67% overlap). These doors are approximately sized 30 x 84 with a 6″ strip width. The wider and taller the door the more overlap is needed. For instance, a refrigerated warehouse wanting to isolate certain sections would need a greater strip overlap because the openings are larger. Some other applications that require a higher overlap percentage are loading docks with exterior doorways where wind is present, interior doorways with high levels of air pressure, temperature control applications where energy savings are critical, and taller doorways.

Most Common Strip Overlap percentage:

Strip Width                        Percentage of Overlap
4″                                          100%
6″                                          67%
8″                                          50%
12″                                        67%
16″                                        50%

Keep watch for more information on ribbed strip curtain material versus smooth.


Downed Refrigeration is Bad for Business. Period.

It’s June 1st. Temperatures are rising. How is your refrigeration doing?

Have You Checked Your Refrigeration Lately?

An increase in temperatures is an increase in EVERYTHING! Your compressor is running hard and more frequent to keep up with the demand. Hot Summer Months increase the electrical demand.

The list below causes compressors to work harder, shortening their life span using more ENERGY and costing MORE MONEY to run. Don’t be caught off guard with equipment failure. Be sure to keep up with your periodic maintenance as well.

  • Have you checked your thermostats?
    Make sure your thermostats are temping properly. Malfunctioning thermostats put extra stress on your compressor.
  • Have you checked your thermometers?
    Make sure that they are reading the correct temperature.
  • Have you checked your door hardware?
    Doors that sag, drag, and don’t close properly let warm air in to your units causing your refrigeration equipment cooling systems to work harder than necessary.
  • Have you looked at your door gaskets?
    Leaky cooler and freezer door gaskets can be detrimental to your refrigeration units. They are a simple fix to a potential large issue if left damaged, torn, worn, or missing for extended periods of time.

Protect Your Walk-ins With Strip Curtains!

Strip curtains save energy without using any. They reduce added the load on the compressor by having an extra barrier to your walk-in coolers and freezers. Available in bulk rolls or kits.

Shop Curtains

Did You Know We Customize Gaskets?

Can’t find the size and shape that you are looking for? We can build your gasket for you to your specifications at no extra cost to you. Give us a call 844.292.6694.

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What’s Got My Display Doors Popping?

Have you ever heard the phrase “When one door closes another one will open” ? Are you asking yourself, “Why the (insert expletive here) wont my glass display doors close?” You close one reach-in glass door and the next glass display door pops right open! This can be extremely frustrating, infuriating, irritating and … you name it.

Every time this happens you are losing $ Money…

  • Your compressor is working harder to keep your refrigeration unit cold.
  • Your refrigeration case will need more HVAC work in the future
  • Your electric bill skyrockets.
  • More parts on the door will break (yay!).
  • Your Lighting turns on – wasting even more electricity.
  • Your Ant-sweat hearts have to kick it up a notch.

So what gives? How can this problem be fixed? It is a simple replacement. You need a new door closer kit/torque rod for your glass display doors. Depending on the manufacturer of your glass display doors (not the big walk-in cooler door) certain door kits and torque rods go on the door. Most of the glass display doors out there are Anthony/Ardco/Displayrite (all the same company), a few others are Hussmann doors, and even less are Styline glass display doors. You will need the following information to replace the glass display door closer:

  • Ardco – You’re in luck there is only one door kit or frame kit that fits all Ardco Display Doors.
  • Anthony – You need to know if your base of your torque rod is hex (like a stop sign) or round, the W/O # off of the top frame of the door, the date of manufacture (DOM), and the model number.
  • Displayrite – You’re in luck there is only one door closer/torque rod for displayrite.
  • Hussmann – You need to have the model, serial number, and date of manufacture.
  • Styleline –  You need to have the model, serial number, and date of manufacture.

If you cannot find the information you need, please call us at 844.292.6694 or email us at

Don’t Worry About Things You Can Prevent

Get your restaurant ready for the Mother’s Day rush.

Make sure your equipment will not fail you when you need it most. Check all hardware like door hinges, closers, latches, pull handles etc. Make sure your thermostats are running properly and replace them if they are not. You want to keep your refrigeration units working when you are at your busiest. Check all gaskets and replace them if they are worn or torn. Do put your equipment under added stress and it will last longer. Remember… equipment that is well maintained lasts longer, uses less energy, and costs less to run.

Greener Earth Tip: Install strip curtains on all your walk-in units. This will take additional stress off of your compressors and improve the performance of your unit. Each curtain saves you $254 a year off of your electric bill (depending on your utility rate and size of unit).

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