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As 2017 winds down, we would like to take the time to thank you for the opportunity to work with you. We truly appreciate your business, & are grateful for the trust that you’ve placed in us. We look forward to working with you again soon. 🙂

Additionally, All of us at Hinged Parts would like to wish you the happiest of holidays and a wonderful New Year. Please check your e-mails within the next week or so for our modified holiday hours.

Happy Holidays & Thank You For Your Business,
From all of us at Hinged Parts


Happy Thanksgiving

Hinged Parts Company will be closed on Thanksgiving.

We will be open on Friday, November 24th, but only until 2:00 pm.

We are thankful for your continued interest in Hinged Parts Company. From our families to yours, we wish you a terrific holiday season.

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Strip Curtains: Determining Where

Cooler and freezer strip curtains can be mounted on the wall or within the door jamb itself. Certain considerations should be thought through when looking into where your strip curtains should be mounted (like obstructions).

Hinged Parts universal mounting hardware can be used in both jamb mounting applications as well as wall mounting applications (depending on which way you place the screw wholes).

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 2.46.55 PM.png

Wall Mount.

On a wall mount application, the strip curtain hangs above the jamb on the wall itself and overlaps the opening on

both sides as well as above the door. This mounting type has extra coverage creating a stronger barrier keeping additional warm air out. This is the best mounting option when taking energy efficiency into consideration or if the curtain will be accompanied by another door like a cooler or freezer.

Exact dimensions of the opening are not generally needed for this mounting application. When considering a strip curtain kit for a wall mount application roughly 4″ are added to the width dimensions (2″ per side) and 6″-10″ to the height (depending n how high you are planning on mounting the curtain). Ex. A standard wall mount curtain kit is 40″ x 84″. This is perfect for an opening that is 36″ x 70+ (since the strips themselves are trim-able).


Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 2.47.05 PMJamb Mount.

In a jamb mount the mounting hardware is installed in the top part of the door jamb. The curtains hang directly within the door opening and do not overlap on the side walls or top.

Exact dimensions of the door opening is crucial for this application. The jamb mount application is usually utilized in warehouses, loading docks, or when there is an obstruction such as lights or other hardware and the wall mount is not able to be used.


Hinged is Happy to help.

Our representative have over 20 years industry experience. Call us at 844.292.6694 with any questions that you may have.

Controlling Your Costs & Increasing ROI

Fixed costs in a business are usually just that…fixed. They cannot be changed, they are always there, and for the most part, consistent. But, what if there was a way to change that…A way to improve upon your fixed costs and make them less? Why spend more when you can spend less in the long run? What would it take? Let’s think efficiency.

Commercial refrigeration is one of the most energy consuming areas in the foodservice industry. C-stores and restaurants alike are starting to entertain ways to reduce energy costs by focusing on everything from periodic maintenance to retrofits/upgrades, and even refrigerated case placement throughout the store. Making Improvements in efficiency can reduce your utility bill. Those extra savings go directly back into your business. Simple, right?

What areas are being improved upon?

  • LED Case lighting:
    • Saves energy
    • Runs cooler to operate (doesn’t give off much its own heat)
      –  The freezer doesn’t have to work as hard to offset the heat the light is producing
    • More consistent light showcasing products better
  • Anti-Sweat Heaters:
    – Put on a scheduled program (eliminates the need for continuous runtime)
  • Motion Sensors:
    -Inside walk-in coolers and freezers
    -Inside refrigerated display cases
  • Periodic Maintenance:
    – One of the first lines of defense when it comes to efficiency and refrigeration
    – Maintain gasket door seals
    – Clean motors that drive HVAC
    -Make sure all hardware is closing properly (eliminate the heat that is coming into the freezer/cooler)
    -Door closers, Hinges, Latches
  • Look To Your Windows:
    – Coolers with glass facing west are going to have to work harder to stay cool
    – Solar film can be added to windows to shade the sun and assist energy efficiency
  • Cooler/Freezer Strip Curtains:
    – Adding Refrigerated case curtains saves energy without using any
    – Keeps warm air out of refrigerated spaces during periods of time when the freezer/cooler doors are left open


New & Improved

Check out! We have updated and added many new features to our site! Look out for:

  • Easy 1 Page Checkout
  • Quick Add to Cart
  • Product Comparison Option
  • Top and Side Navigation
  • Static Drop Down Menu
  • New Shop By Price
  • Faster Mobile upload speed
  • Gasket Reference Guide
  • Product Research Page
  • Energy Efficiency Related Material

Also, did you know continuously adds new products? If you can’t find something on our site give us a call we most likely have it in stock and ready to ship.

Seasonal Menus

Different types of food grown in every season so why is it that many restaurants carry the same menu all year long? These stagnant menus may be more cost effective in the short term with the help of freezers, but what image does this portray? How do restaurant goers view a menu that they know so well? When does it become repetitive and start to shift customers towards different foodservice establishments?

Seasonal menus are not hard to adopt. Not everything on a restaurants menu has to be modified towards the season. Having a few extras or changing a couple of entrees can be beneficial. Foodservice establishments can justify a slightly higher price for the chef’s featured item and customers will gladly pay it. Restaurant goers look favorable upon menus that have some sort of seasonal modification to them and are more likely to tell friends and family about it. The word of mouth travels quickly!

September has so much to do with food! It’s #NationalChickenMonth, #NationalMushroomMonth, #NationalWholeGrainMonth, #NationalPotatoMonth, #NationalRiceMonth, #NationalHoneyMonth, and #NationalPapayaMonth. There is so much that can be prepared with those ingredients! Give those #walkinfreezers a rest! Get creative and as always happy cooking!


Do You Do The Dollar Test

How do you determine  that your cooler or freezer door gasket is sealing properly if there aren’t any visible signs of damage or wear and tear? Just because there aren’t any visible signs that your #doorseal isn’t working doesn’t mean that your #walkindoorgasket is OK. The dollar bill test is a simple standard rule of thumb to go by when checking #coolerdoorgaskets.

When checking the door seal first open the door and examine all four sides of the door gasket for any tears. Feel the #doorgasketseal for brittleness and/or cracks. If the gasket shows damage, then it must be replaced. If no damage is observed, close the door and check the #doorseal between the gasket and the cabinet for obvious gaps. Next open the door and close it on a dollar bill. Carefully pull the dollar bill out from the door. You should feel tension as the door gasket grips the bill. If  there is not any tension between the cooler gasket and the dollar bill then the gasket needs to be replaced. Repeat this test all around the door. Replace all gaskets that do not seal tightly in order to preserve the lifespan of the unit, save energy and money!!!

Keep a dollar handy when checking out your #kitchenequipment and replace the damaged #coolerseals as soon as the integrity of the #doorseal is damaged.

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