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Mother’s Day is Sunday May 13th. Are You Ready?

According to the National Restaurant Association, 32% of moms name having a meal with their families as the gift they most want for Mother’s Day. An additional 9% want a restaurant gift card. This means two out of five moms say their top gift request involves a restaurant, and it’s a huge opportunity for your business to capture new guests, reengage existing customers, and establish your reputation. DON’T MESS IT UP!

This time of year is busy enough. Do not add to the pressure by having a less than adequate kitchen. Who wants to deal with broken door hinges or getting stuck in the walk-in cooler from a broken latch during an important Holiday rush? Get your Kitchen ready and SAVE $10 WHILE DOING IT! Use coupon code: MOMS2018 at checkout!




Sometimes You Need to Teach.


Empower employees and co-workers to take the initiative. Teach and inform about gasket maintenance, water savings, refrigeration and energy savings. Empowered employees do more. They will take the extra step in taking care of kitchen equipment making it last longer and be more efficient.

A knowledgeable employee will see an open cooler door and be more likely to close it instead of passing it by. An empowered employee feels respected & will go above and beyond their job. Empowered servers are more likely to clean up after themselves when they spill soda down the front of prep-table doors instead of leaving it causing gaskets to tear.

Refrigeration techs need to teach their customers about maintenance of foodservice equipment. For example, broken hinges are dangerous to employees. A walk-in cooler or freezer door with a broken door hinge can easily fall off and cause injury. A simple damaged gasket can raise your electric bill and spoil food. A prolonged damaged or missing freezer door gasket adds stress on your refrigeration unit & can break your compressor.

Customers need to know that prolonged maintenance costs more. Ignoring problems and prolonging periodic maintenance leads to a bigger price tag.


Although they’re not high-tech — there’s not a microchip in them anywhere   #stripcurtains have been saving energy for more than 20 years. Installed in a doorway or refrigerated warehouse, they form a see-through barrier between two areas that are maintained at different ambient room temperatures. Strip curtains can be used to keep chilled air in or warm air out. They don’t consume energy while saving it, and they’re easy to install and to maintain.

Use #stripcurtains on walk-in refrigerators and freezers. These infiltration barriers block warm most air from getting in to your #commercialrefrigeration units while the door is ajar.

This low-cost energy-saving action can help you save on your electric bill. If you currently have #stripcurtains that were installed more than four years ago and are torn or missing strips, consider replacing to continue saving energy.

Are made of overlapping strips of flexible plastic and hang like curtains
Are transparent
Come in variable widths to accommodate any size opening, & a variety of thicknesses
Prevent dust, dirt and other contaminants from moving to different areas
Reduce sound transmission
Help maintain consistent temperature in refrigerated space

Bulk Curtain Material

– Smooth or ribbed
– 12″, 8″, 6″, 4″
– Low-temp or Standard-temp
– Quick Strip

Standard Kits

– 40″ x 84″
– 6″ or 8″ width strips
– Standard-temp or Low-temp
– Ribbed or Smooth
– Mounting hardware & Strips

Custom Sizes Available

Any size shape or application. Hinged has strip curtain material for welding, insect control, blackout, Safety…you name it. We fit bay doors and control temp warehouses alike. Give us a call @ 844.292.6694

Still Time for Valentines Day




Got Questions? Hinged has answers. Our expert representatives are here to assist you find the right part fast! Call Hinged Parts Today 844.292.6694

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Ready Your Restaurant for Valentines Day




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Got Questions?
Hinged has answers. Our expert representatives are here to assist you find the right part fast!

Call Hinged Parts Today 844.292.6694

Avoid Cross Contamination

Cutting boards are one of the major culprits of food-borne illnesses. Foodservice establishments need to know when to change a cutting board and how to properly clean them.

Get cutting boards with rounded edges when able. This will reduce the likeliness of the board chipping. Plastic or wood? WE believe plastic is better than wood (although, that is the great debate). Choose a cutting board that has a smooth non-porous surface. An added benefit would be a cutting board that has a ridge around the edge to collect all the “juices” from the food that is getting prepped. This helps prevent cross contamination.
Cutting boards wear out over time. Remember to replace your board once it has lost its integrity.

Custom Boards…

Did you know we manufacture custom cutting boards to your specifications? Available in multiple thicknesses, colors, sizes, edges, and more! Give us a call at 844.292.6694.

It’s Restaurant Week

Are you showcasing your talent? Many foodservice establishments utilize this week to shine giving potential patrons an extra reason to GO OUT & EAT! If they are not eating with you, they are dining somewhere else.

Be proactive and market the specials that you have. Add some flare like Wu-Tang Wednesday (hey who doesn’t love a little old school hip hop)! Think out of the box and stand out.

New Years Resolution…Foodservice

Make it your resolution to keep up on your foodservice equipment. Winter does not mean that you can slack on your equipment. Refrigeration needs to be maintained, baffles need to be cleaned, gaskets need to be replaced, strip curtains need to be hung, thermostats need to be temped., and periodic maintenance needs to continue.

Keeping up on refrigeration and other commercial kitchen equipment means less hassle later on. Well maintained foodservice equipment keeps your kitchen running more efficient and helps prevent disruptions such as equipment failure.

Give your customers your best and start with keeping your commercial kitchen at peak performance. Replace broken walk-in door hinges, door closers, latches, and handles. Broken hardware can lead to greater problems if not attended to immediately.

Gaskets Need Care.

Do you know how to take care of your cooler and freezer gaskets? Do your employees (servers, hosts, line cooks etc.) know how to take care of your door gaskets? Commercial door gasket seals need maintenance. Back of the house as well as front of the house employees need to be informed and educated to prolong the gasket life.

What happens when someone spills soda on the counter and it drips down the refrigerated case door? If that soda is not cleaned up right away it can and will damage the door gasket. Employees will open and close the unit causing the gasket to stick to the unit. Each time that door is opened, the stickiness pulls harder on the gasket and the gasket will eventually tear.

Spills on gaskets should be wiped up right away with a non-abrasive cleaner such as dish detergent. Abrasive cleaners can slowly eat away at your gasket causing it to lose integrity. The door gasket will eventually tear, get “eaten away”, warp etc.

Protect your foodservice place and don’t get caught with bad gaskets by the health inspector! Replace damaged gaskets today and take care of the ones you have!!!

Hinged Is Happy to help.

Having problems identifying your gasket? Our experts have over 20 years experience in the business. Give us a call at 844.292.6694 with any questions you may have!

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