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Seasonal Menus

Different types of food grown in every season so why is it that many restaurants carry the same menu all year long? These stagnant menus may be more cost effective in the short term with the help of freezers, but what image does this portray? How do restaurant goers view a menu that they know so well? When does it become repetitive and start to shift customers towards different foodservice establishments?

Seasonal menus are not hard to adopt. Not everything on a restaurants menu has to be modified towards the season. Having a few extras or changing a couple of entrees can be beneficial. Foodservice establishments can justify a slightly higher price for the chef’s featured item and customers will gladly pay it. Restaurant goers look favorable upon menus that have some sort of seasonal modification to them and are more likely to tell friends and family about it. The word of mouth travels quickly!

September has so much to do with food! It’s #NationalChickenMonth, #NationalMushroomMonth, #NationalWholeGrainMonth, #NationalPotatoMonth, #NationalRiceMonth, #NationalHoneyMonth, and #NationalPapayaMonth. There is so much that can be prepared with those ingredients! Give those #walkinfreezers a rest! Get creative and as always happy cooking!




FREE Gaskets!!! Happy Christmas in July. Buy 3 cooler or freezer gaskets and get the 4th gasket for FREE! The free gasket must be of equal or lesser value. No coupon needed to get your free cooler or freezer gasket. The gasket discount is taken off in the shopping cart at checkout.

Hurry! Free gasket offer ends Tuesday, July 25th!!! Visit for all of your commercial kitchen needs! Can’t figure out a part? Hinged has you covered. We have over 20 years experience in the industry. We can get you what you need when you need it!

Presidential Trivia 101
is celebrating Presidents Day with TRIVIA!!!!

  1. Who was the youngest President to be elected into office?
    –  John F. Kennedy (43 yrs. old)
  2. Who was the oldest President to be elected into office?
     – Donald Trump (70 yrs. old)
  3. How many US Presidents are currently living?
     – 6 ( Donald Trump, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush,  and Jimmy Carter)
  4. Who was the tallest President?
     – Abraham Lincoln
  5. Which President served more than 2 terms in office? 
    – Franklin D. Roosevelt
  6. Which President Held his daughters prom in the White House?
     – Gerald Ford
  7. Who was the first president to be born an American Citizen?
     – Martin Van Buren (all of the previous Presidents were from British Colonies)
  8. Which President served the shortest term?
    – William Henry Harrison (31 days – died of Pneumonia in office)
  9. Which President never married?
     – James Buchanan
  10. What are the desired qualifications to become president?
    – Education: No education is required but an advanced degree is preferred from a
    nationally-renowned university in the US.
     – Experience: Public office service is preferred, but not required.
  11. What are the required qualifications to be president?
    – 35 years or older, Born in the US, Resident of US for at least 14 years or more
  12. How much $$$ does the president make annually? 
    – $4,000.00
  13. True or False – Any plane the President is on is called “Air Force One”.
  14. Who was the first President who was son of a President?
    – John Quincy Adams (son of 2nd President John Adams) 
  15. Which President chose to be sworn in on the book of law as opposed to the Bible?
    – John Quincy Adams (he wanted to swear upon the Constitution)



Ready Your Restaurant


Valentines Day is right around the corner. The worst thing that can happen is your commercial kitchen equipment breaking down. What would you do if suddenly your freezers weren’t temping because of a bad thermostat or your grill smoke started to over take the kitchen because your baffles need replacing. Catastrophes like walk-in cooler doors falling off of their hinges are preventable.

Restaurant managers/owners/chefs need to “check out” their equipment before any Holiday to avoid a potential nightmare for the restaurant. Holidays are busy enough in the back and front of the house, don’t make everyones temperature over boil by having a (preventable) kitchen meltdown.

Use the check list below to gain a piece of mind that your kitchen will function properly:

Door Hinges
Door Gaskets
Door Latches/Handles
Drawer Slides/Rails/Rollers
Heating Elements
Grease Filters
Water Filters

There still is time to get your replacement parts in before the Valentines Day rush. Call 844.292.6694 or go to to order today!

Ready Your Kitchen For The Mothers Day Rush!

Don’t Worry About Things You Can Prevent

Get your restaurant ready for the Mother’s Day rush. Make sure your equipment will not fail you when you need it most. Check all hardware like door hinges, closers, latches, pull handles etc. Make sure your thermostats are running properly and replace them if they are not. You want to keep your refrigeration units working when you are at your busiest. Check all gaskets and replace them if they are worn or torn. Do put your equipment under added stress and it will last longer. Remember… equipment that is well maintained lasts longer, uses less energy, and costs less to run.

Greener Earth Tip: Install strip curtains on all your walk-in units. This will take additional stress off of your compressors and improve the performance of your unit. Each curtain saves you $254 a year off of your electric bill (depending on your utility rate and size of unit).

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