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Controlling Your Costs & Increasing ROI

Fixed costs in a business are usually just that…fixed. They cannot be changed, they are always there, and for the most part, consistent. But, what if there was a way to change that…A way to improve upon your fixed costs and make them less? Why spend more when you can spend less in the long run? What would it take? Let’s think efficiency.

Commercial refrigeration is one of the most energy consuming areas in the foodservice industry. C-stores and restaurants alike are starting to entertain ways to reduce energy costs by focusing on everything from periodic maintenance to retrofits/upgrades, and even refrigerated case placement throughout the store. Making Improvements in efficiency can reduce your utility bill. Those extra savings go directly back into your business. Simple, right?

What areas are being improved upon?

  • LED Case lighting:
    • Saves energy
    • Runs cooler to operate (doesn’t give off much its own heat)
      –  The freezer doesn’t have to work as hard to offset the heat the light is producing
    • More consistent light showcasing products better
  • Anti-Sweat Heaters:
    – Put on a scheduled program (eliminates the need for continuous runtime)
  • Motion Sensors:
    -Inside walk-in coolers and freezers
    -Inside refrigerated display cases
  • Periodic Maintenance:
    – One of the first lines of defense when it comes to efficiency and refrigeration
    – Maintain gasket door seals
    – Clean motors that drive HVAC
    -Make sure all hardware is closing properly (eliminate the heat that is coming into the freezer/cooler)
    -Door closers, Hinges, Latches
  • Look To Your Windows:
    – Coolers with glass facing west are going to have to work harder to stay cool
    – Solar film can be added to windows to shade the sun and assist energy efficiency
  • Cooler/Freezer Strip Curtains:
    – Adding Refrigerated case curtains saves energy without using any
    – Keeps warm air out of refrigerated spaces during periods of time when the freezer/cooler doors are left open



What’s Got My Display Doors Popping?

Have you ever heard the phrase “When one door closes another one will open” ? Are you asking yourself, “Why the (insert expletive here) wont my glass display doors close?” You close one reach-in glass door and the next glass display door pops right open! This can be extremely frustrating, infuriating, irritating and … you name it.

Every time this happens you are losing $ Money…

  • Your compressor is working harder to keep your refrigeration unit cold.
  • Your refrigeration case will need more HVAC work in the future
  • Your electric bill skyrockets.
  • More parts on the door will break (yay!).
  • Your Lighting turns on – wasting even more electricity.
  • Your Ant-sweat hearts have to kick it up a notch.

So what gives? How can this problem be fixed? It is a simple replacement. You need a new door closer kit/torque rod for your glass display doors. Depending on the manufacturer of your glass display doors (not the big walk-in cooler door) certain door kits and torque rods go on the door. Most of the glass display doors out there are Anthony/Ardco/Displayrite (all the same company), a few others are Hussmann doors, and even less are Styline glass display doors. You will need the following information to replace the glass display door closer:

  • Ardco – You’re in luck there is only one door kit or frame kit that fits all Ardco Display Doors.
  • Anthony – You need to know if your base of your torque rod is hex (like a stop sign) or round, the W/O # off of the top frame of the door, the date of manufacture (DOM), and the model number.
  • Displayrite – You’re in luck there is only one door closer/torque rod for displayrite.
  • Hussmann – You need to have the model, serial number, and date of manufacture.
  • Styleline –  You need to have the model, serial number, and date of manufacture.

If you cannot find the information you need, please call us at 844.292.6694 or email us at

Ready Your Restaurant


Valentines Day is right around the corner. The worst thing that can happen is your commercial kitchen equipment breaking down. What would you do if suddenly your freezers weren’t temping because of a bad thermostat or your grill smoke started to over take the kitchen because your baffles need replacing. Catastrophes like walk-in cooler doors falling off of their hinges are preventable.

Restaurant managers/owners/chefs need to “check out” their equipment before any Holiday to avoid a potential nightmare for the restaurant. Holidays are busy enough in the back and front of the house, don’t make everyones temperature over boil by having a (preventable) kitchen meltdown.

Use the check list below to gain a piece of mind that your kitchen will function properly:

Door Hinges
Door Gaskets
Door Latches/Handles
Drawer Slides/Rails/Rollers
Heating Elements
Grease Filters
Water Filters

There still is time to get your replacement parts in before the Valentines Day rush. Call 844.292.6694 or go to to order today!

Dangerous Doors

Are your cooler doors a hazard? Do you have broken hinges on your doors? 

Many commercial kitchens have avoidable liabilities. Cooler and freezer doors that have broken hinges are a huge liability. Broken hinges cannot support the weight of the refrigeration unit door. This causes them to snap and the door can and will come crashing down. (Hopefully for your sake not on an employee or customer!)

Let’s Talk door latches and inside releases. Are your cooler door latches busted? Did you know that people can get locked inside with damaged door latches and push rods? Your health and safety inspector can shut you down for damaged and broken latches. How much would you lose in profits if your business got shut down?

How about energy savings? Did you know that when hardware is damaged missing or not functioning properly you are losing energy. That means your unit is working carder to stay cold or warm. Which means your unit will not last as long as you would like it to because of the harder workload. It ALSO means your electric bill is SKYROCKETING.

What’s the takeaway?
Don’t be cheap! Spend the money NOW and fix what needs to be done before someone gets hurt or your location gets shut down. It will cost you more in the long-run.


Do You Know Your Offset?

Let’s look at how to measure offset for a Facemount latch. Offset of cooler/freezer door hardware is important because your door will no open or shut properly. You cannot put a cooler hinge that is flush (meaning it does not have an offset) on a door that has an offset of 1-1/2″. The freezer door wont open.

What is Offset?

It is the difference between the front surface of the wall and the front surface of the cooler door.

For FACEMOUNT hardware: The offset is equal to the distance between the front surface of the door and the front surface of the frame or the wall.

If you are still having difficulty measuring the offset of your freezer or cooler door you can always email us or give us a call 844.292.6694.

Look for our next example of offset coming later this week at

Cooler Latch Offset

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