Empower employees and co-workers to take the initiative. Teach and inform about gasket maintenance, water savings, refrigeration and energy savings. Empowered employees do more. They will take the extra step in taking care of kitchen equipment making it last longer and be more efficient.

A knowledgeable employee will see an open cooler door and be more likely to close it instead of passing it by. An empowered employee feels respected & will go above and beyond their job. Empowered servers are more likely to clean up after themselves when they spill soda down the front of prep-table doors instead of leaving it causing gaskets to tear.

Refrigeration techs need to teach their customers about maintenance of foodservice equipment. For example, broken hinges are dangerous to employees. A walk-in cooler or freezer door with a broken door hinge can easily fall off and cause injury. A simple damaged gasket can raise your electric bill and spoil food. A prolonged damaged or missing freezer door gasket adds stress on your refrigeration unit & can break your compressor.

Customers need to know that prolonged maintenance costs more. Ignoring problems and prolonging periodic maintenance leads to a bigger price tag.