Although they’re not high-tech — there’s not a microchip in them anywhere   #stripcurtains have been saving energy for more than 20 years. Installed in a doorway or refrigerated warehouse, they form a see-through barrier between two areas that are maintained at different ambient room temperatures. Strip curtains can be used to keep chilled air in or warm air out. They don’t consume energy while saving it, and they’re easy to install and to maintain.

Use #stripcurtains on walk-in refrigerators and freezers. These infiltration barriers block warm most air from getting in to your #commercialrefrigeration units while the door is ajar.

This low-cost energy-saving action can help you save on your electric bill. If you currently have #stripcurtains that were installed more than four years ago and are torn or missing strips, consider replacing to continue saving energy.

Are made of overlapping strips of flexible plastic and hang like curtains
Are transparent
Come in variable widths to accommodate any size opening, & a variety of thicknesses
Prevent dust, dirt and other contaminants from moving to different areas
Reduce sound transmission
Help maintain consistent temperature in refrigerated space

Bulk Curtain Material

– Smooth or ribbed
– 12″, 8″, 6″, 4″
– Low-temp or Standard-temp
– Quick Strip

Standard Kits

– 40″ x 84″
– 6″ or 8″ width strips
– Standard-temp or Low-temp
– Ribbed or Smooth
– Mounting hardware & Strips

Custom Sizes Available

Any size shape or application. Hinged has strip curtain material for welding, insect control, blackout, Safety…you name it. We fit bay doors and control temp warehouses alike. Give us a call @ 844.292.6694