Different types of food grown in every season so why is it that many restaurants carry the same menu all year long? These stagnant menus may be more cost effective in the short term with the help of freezers, but what image does this portray? How do restaurant goers view a menu that they know so well? When does it become repetitive and start to shift customers towards different foodservice establishments?

Seasonal menus are not hard to adopt. Not everything on a restaurants menu has to be modified towards the season. Having a few extras or changing a couple of entrees can be beneficial. Foodservice establishments can justify a slightly higher price for the chef’s featured item and customers will gladly pay it. Restaurant goers look favorable upon menus that have some sort of seasonal modification to them and are more likely to tell friends and family about it. The word of mouth travels quickly!

September has so much to do with food! It’s #NationalChickenMonth, #NationalMushroomMonth, #NationalWholeGrainMonth, #NationalPotatoMonth, #NationalRiceMonth, #NationalHoneyMonth, and #NationalPapayaMonth. There is so much that can be prepared with those ingredients! Give those #walkinfreezers a rest! Get creative and as always happy cooking!