How do you determine  that your cooler or freezer door gasket is sealing properly if there aren’t any visible signs of damage or wear and tear? Just because there aren’t any visible signs that your #doorseal isn’t working doesn’t mean that your #walkindoorgasket is OK. The dollar bill test is a simple standard rule of thumb to go by when checking #coolerdoorgaskets.

When checking the door seal first open the door and examine all four sides of the door gasket for any tears. Feel the #doorgasketseal for brittleness and/or cracks. If the gasket shows damage, then it must be replaced. If no damage is observed, close the door and check the #doorseal between the gasket and the cabinet for obvious gaps. Next open the door and close it on a dollar bill. Carefully pull the dollar bill out from the door. You should feel tension as the door gasket grips the bill. If  there is not any tension between the cooler gasket and the dollar bill then the gasket needs to be replaced. Repeat this test all around the door. Replace all gaskets that do not seal tightly in order to preserve the lifespan of the unit, save energy and money!!!

Keep a dollar handy when checking out your #kitchenequipment and replace the damaged #coolerseals as soon as the integrity of the #doorseal is damaged.