Cooler and freezer strip curtains come in all shapes, sizes, textures, and overlap possible. Strip curtain doors can be very effective in sealing off air flow if they are used in the proper way with the correct overlap. But what is overlap? How much is necessary? Can there be too much of a good thing?

In short, yes there can be. Strip curtain overlap depends on what application the strip curtain doors are being used for. The standard walk-in cooler or freezer strip curtain overlap is 67% (meaning 33.5% of the strip is covered up on either side creating a 67% overlap). These doors are approximately sized 30 x 84 with a 6″ strip width. The wider and taller the door the more overlap is needed. For instance, a refrigerated warehouse wanting to isolate certain sections would need a greater strip overlap because the openings are larger. Some other applications that require a higher overlap percentage are loading docks with exterior doorways where wind is present, interior doorways with high levels of air pressure, temperature control applications where energy savings are critical, and taller doorways.

Most Common Strip Overlap percentage:

Strip Width                        Percentage of Overlap
4″                                          100%
6″                                          67%
8″                                          50%
12″                                        67%
16″                                        50%

Keep watch for more information on ribbed strip curtain material versus smooth.