It’s June 1st. Temperatures are rising. How is your refrigeration doing?

Have You Checked Your Refrigeration Lately?

An increase in temperatures is an increase in EVERYTHING! Your compressor is running hard and more frequent to keep up with the demand. Hot Summer Months increase the electrical demand.

The list below causes compressors to work harder, shortening their life span using more ENERGY and costing MORE MONEY to run. Don’t be caught off guard with equipment failure. Be sure to keep up with your periodic maintenance as well.

  • Have you checked your thermostats?
    Make sure your thermostats are temping properly. Malfunctioning thermostats put extra stress on your compressor.
  • Have you checked your thermometers?
    Make sure that they are reading the correct temperature.
  • Have you checked your door hardware?
    Doors that sag, drag, and don’t close properly let warm air in to your units causing your refrigeration equipment cooling systems to work harder than necessary.
  • Have you looked at your door gaskets?
    Leaky cooler and freezer door gaskets can be detrimental to your refrigeration units. They are a simple fix to a potential large issue if left damaged, torn, worn, or missing for extended periods of time.

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