Spring is here! Has your outdoor patio opened up to the public. Were you ready for it? Outdoor dining is an experience more and more customers are craving. Especially when the warm spring days emerge. Diners take it upon themselves to enjoy the outdoor spaces that many restaurants are now offering. But what happens when your space is not ready?  

Did the warm spring day come to a surprise or did the weatherman miss the target entirely. Whatever the reason, don’t let your customers’ experience be less than satisfactory. Have your bartenders be on top of their game even when that outdoor bar cooler is not temping or the doors wont shut because the cooler door hinges broke in the winter. Don’t let your diners see the aggravation or frustration that the staff is going through to serve them…the customer. Offer a complimentary appetizer or dessert to make up for lag time when service is less than adequate.

Empower your employees. Have servers, bar tenders, line cooks, bar backs (you name it) make a list of items that are failing in the restaurant. Keep a dry erase board readily available so employees can add to the repair list. Use this list to get your outdoor space adequately up and running! Have back of the house managers and front of the house managers replace the items on the list ASAP! Employees can only hold it together for so long before the diners begin suffer. Stay on top of your kitchen equipment!