is celebrating Presidents Day with TRIVIA!!!!

  1. Who was the youngest President to be elected into office?
    –  John F. Kennedy (43 yrs. old)
  2. Who was the oldest President to be elected into office?
     – Donald Trump (70 yrs. old)
  3. How many US Presidents are currently living?
     – 6 ( Donald Trump, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush,  and Jimmy Carter)
  4. Who was the tallest President?
     – Abraham Lincoln
  5. Which President served more than 2 terms in office? 
    – Franklin D. Roosevelt
  6. Which President Held his daughters prom in the White House?
     – Gerald Ford
  7. Who was the first president to be born an American Citizen?
     – Martin Van Buren (all of the previous Presidents were from British Colonies)
  8. Which President served the shortest term?
    – William Henry Harrison (31 days – died of Pneumonia in office)
  9. Which President never married?
     – James Buchanan
  10. What are the desired qualifications to become president?
    – Education: No education is required but an advanced degree is preferred from a
    nationally-renowned university in the US.
     – Experience: Public office service is preferred, but not required.
  11. What are the required qualifications to be president?
    – 35 years or older, Born in the US, Resident of US for at least 14 years or more
  12. How much $$$ does the president make annually? 
    – $4,000.00
  13. True or False – Any plane the President is on is called “Air Force One”.
  14. Who was the first President who was son of a President?
    – John Quincy Adams (son of 2nd President John Adams) 
  15. Which President chose to be sworn in on the book of law as opposed to the Bible?
    – John Quincy Adams (he wanted to swear upon the Constitution)