Valentines Day is right around the corner. The worst thing that can happen is your commercial kitchen equipment breaking down. What would you do if suddenly your freezers weren’t temping because of a bad thermostat or your grill smoke started to over take the kitchen because your baffles need replacing. Catastrophes like walk-in cooler doors falling off of their hinges are preventable.

Restaurant managers/owners/chefs need to “check out” their equipment before any Holiday to avoid a potential nightmare for the restaurant. Holidays are busy enough in the back and front of the house, don’t make everyones temperature over boil by having a (preventable) kitchen meltdown.

Use the check list below to gain a piece of mind that your kitchen will function properly:

Door Hinges
Door Gaskets
Door Latches/Handles
Drawer Slides/Rails/Rollers
Heating Elements
Grease Filters
Water Filters

There still is time to get your replacement parts in before the Valentines Day rush. Call 844.292.6694 or go to HingedParts.com to order today!