Cooler Door Gaskets and The Best Way To Identify Them

What are Cooler and Freezer door gaskets? Gaskets are the rectangular rubber around the edge of the cooler door (or frame) that seals the door to the unit. This simple (but important) piece of material keeps your food cold. Without cooler door gaskets your cooler or freezer will work harder to keep the unit cool and your equipment will not last as long, food may (and will) spoil, ice can build up on the inside of the unit causing other components to break, and not to mention that your utility bill will skyrocket.

What Creates The Gaskets Seal?  

A gasket seal can be created in 2 ways. There are magnetic seals and compression seals.


Magnetic – A magnetic gasket is a gasket that creates a seal using a magnet that is inserted inside the   gasket itself. The face of the magnetic gasket is usually more flat as opposed to a half circle shape of the compression style gasket.
Compression – A Compression gasket is compressed between the door and the unit. The
gasket must be thicker than the gap between the door and the unit in-order to be able to compress. Also the door must have a latch to ensure that the door stays shut.


How Gaskets Are Mounted





   Adhesive backed

Gasket Measurement & Sides

Please note there are 2 ways to measure a gasket. Outside edge to outside edge and track to track. All gasket dimension measurements are from furthermost outer edge of the gasket to furthermost outer edge of the gasket itself unless otherwise stated. Measurements must be exact. Please measure to the nearest 1/8″.

Outside Edge to Outside Edge – Take your tape measure and hook it on the outside edge of the gasket measure all the way across the door to the furthermost outside edge of the gasket. DO NOT measure the door. Some gaskets are inset – measuring the door will provide incorrect measurements.

Track to Track – This measurement method is utilized ONLY when the gasket is missing or severely damaged. Hook your tape measure on the right side of the track all the way across the door to the right side of the track. These measurements must be called in to at 844.292.6694. Please inform your customer service rep when giving measurements that are track to track.

Sides of a gasket – Please be sure to check how many sides your gasket has (3 or 4).  Most gaskets are 4 sided. The exception to the rule is walk-in units and drawers. Most walk-in units have 3-sided gaskets and a door sweep on the bottom.  Refrigerated drawers are another exception to the rule. Most drawers have gaskets that are 4-sided (about 70%), there are some that have the bottom portion of the gasket missing (about 30%). Please be sure you are ordering the right gasket and # of sides.

How to Install A Gasket – Remove the old gasket and its entirety from the the door or frame. For a push-in or press-in gasket install the new gasket at the corners first. Then press in the remainder of the gasket. Some of these gasket types do not require tools for installation. For Screw-in gaskets, do not tighten the screws until the gasket has been properly aligned with the door or frame.

Cleaning Your Door Gaskets
Cooler and freezer door gasket seals need to be maintained on a regular basis. This extends the life of the gaskets. Be sure to wipe your gasket down at the end of the night with a non-abrasive cleaner such as a mild dish soap. Abrasive cleaners will damage the gasket.

Glass Door Gaskets 411

Refrigerated display case doors are manufactured by either Hussmann, Displayrite/Freezrite, CDS, Ardco, or Anthony. In order to identify these gaskets you will need the tag info. The Door tags are located on the top frame of the door. The information needed off of the door tag will be the W/O # or B/M#, date of manufacture or DOM, door size, model #, and sometimes serial #.  If you are having difficulty locating this information please give us a call at 844.292.6694 or email us at

Important Note: can manufacture any gasket style to any size. If you are looking for a specific gasket size give one of our friendly customer service representatives a call at 844.292.6694 or visit us online at