Energy costs have been increasing roughly 6-8% EVERY YEAR! Energy bills are roughly 30% of a companies budget! There are ways to reduce that by saving energy so you save MONEY.

1. Buy Energy Efficient Equipment
– A typical restaurant can save up to $15,000 each year by outfitting their kitchen with energy-efficient or ENERGY STAR® qualified equipment.

2. Perform Periodic Maintenance
– Clean equipment, change air filters and check seals and gaskets regularly, can have a big impact on the energy-efficiency of your appliances.

3. Is your Lighting Efficient?
-Every single bulb you switch to LED & fluorescent lighting saves you about $30 in energy costs over the bulb’s lifetime.

4. Retrofit Your Equipment
Refrigerator strip curtains, high-efficiency evaporator fan motors, variable-speed hood fans and low-flow pre-rinse spray valves are just a few products that can add up to save you thousands of dollars every year.

5. Get an Energy Survey
– Most Utilities have programs that perform FREE energy surveys. These can help you monitor the efficiency of each aspect of your restaurant.