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Cooler and freezer Door gasket seals can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. Cooler door gaskets are great when they are working properly. They reduce the work load off your compressor keeping the cold air inside your refrigeration unit and the hot air out so your freezer or cooler unit is not overloading. When door gaskets are sealing properly there isn’t any ice build up in and around your freezer and your food wont spoil or freeze. As an ADDED BONUS cooler/freezer door gaskets save your restaurant or commercial kitchen more that just maintenance costs, they save you $$$ off of your utility bill. Since your refrigeration unit (or warmer etc.) is not over working it uses less energy to maintain temperature.

Lets talk glass door gasket seals. These are one of the worst offenders because they are not usually “policed” by the health and safety inspectors (usually alcohol , soda, and water are stored in these reach-ins). The items in these glass door display units are non-perishable (usually). Many of these types of doors are located in gas stations and liquor stores where owners don’t pay attention to the gaskets. Many of them don’t even have gaskets! This is a BIG mistake. HUGE. Having a door seal that is not damaged, intact and functioning properly saves you about $20/door off your utility each year (depending on your utility rate and how big the unit is). Now, this actually means the REVERSE when your gaskets are damaged. It means you are spending about $20 per door that has a damaged seal not to mention the extra maintenance costs and eventual replacement of the unit itself from the extra work load to keep the unit cooler.

Many Utilities have reimbursement programs for replacing your gaskets. There is usually a form to download and you have to send in a copy of your receipt. You would be literally throwing $$$ out of the window (or in the trash which ever you prefer) if you do not replace your worn, torn, damaged, and yes even missing cooler door gasket seals.

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