This is not an option!

Besides the obvious violations with your health inspectors, there are many reasons restaurants, health care facilities, hotels, hospitals and so on have to keep your #coolergaskets in good condition. It is vital to replace damaged and missing gaskets.

Without refrigeration gaskets working their magic, the cold environment inside your equipment that you’ve worked so hard to cultivate, starts to escape. This makes it hard to accurately gauge the temperature inside a unit, which is why it’s extremely important to ensure all your gaskets are sealing properly and aren’t torn or broken. Gaskets are the little cushions that seal everything in, and in most cases they give you a really satisfying “thwump” that lets you know your door has closed completely. They’re easy to replace, invaluable in your commercial kitchen (no matter the size), and you can’t go wrong keeping a few extra gaskets on hand for when you need them most.

If health inspector violations and the cold inside your cooler isn’t enough to convince you to replace damaged and missing gaskets think about money. The money you are wasting by your unit working harder to keep its cool. You are increasing your utility bill by double digits each month! How about the money that it will cost you to replace/repair your commercial refrigeration unit because it has been overworked trying to keep the cold and has broken drown?

Remember you are not trying to keep the cold air in your commercial freezer or cooler…you are trying to keep the hot kitchen air out!!!