Are you asking your self “Why don’t my gaskets fit?”

There is a specific way to install gaskets. You cannot just push them into the track. Install push-in/press-in/snap-in door gasket seals in these 3 easy steps:

1. Install a new gasket by securing the gasket at all 4 corners first.

2. Once all 4 corners are in place gently work from each corner to the center of each side. Hand-pressure should be sufficient. Avoid using tools that could damage the gasket, such as screwdrivers.

3.Make a final check that each corner is tucked in and the door opens and closes normally.

Cooler gasket maintenance is just as important.

Wipe your gaskets clean regularly to remove excess food or liquid caught in between
the gasket or spilled on the gasket. Only use a mild dish soap to wipe your gaskets clean.
DO NOT use an abrasive cleaner to wipe your gaskets clean. Abrasive chemicals will cause
break down of the gasket material.