Financial Tornado Are you throwing $$$ away needlessly?

Have you changed your cooler or freezer door gaskets? Now is the time to replace before the summer heat strikes! Any cooler door gasket or freezer door gasket that is damaged is losing air. This makes your compressor work hard and shorten its lifetime. Changing out your damaged equipment door seals not only extends life of your unit, it reduces your electric bill because it helps your unit work less.

Many restaurants, bars, hotels etc. are doing a annual or semi-annual “sweep” of  their refrigerated case door gasket seals to ensure that their gasket seals are intact and replace the cooler/freezer gaskets that are not. Gaskets need replacing depending on usage. Some restaurants replace gaskets every 6 months while others replace their door gasket seals ever 3 years. Heavy use refrigeration equipment requires more maintenance.

Don’t forget to check out your other hardware on your units including door closershinges, and latches to make sure that they are operating properly.

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