Are your cooler doors a hazard? Do you have broken hinges on your doors? 

Many commercial kitchens have avoidable liabilities. Cooler and freezer doors that have broken hinges are a huge liability. Broken hinges cannot support the weight of the refrigeration unit door. This causes them to snap and the door can and will come crashing down. (Hopefully for your sake not on an employee or customer!)

Let’s Talk door latches and inside releases. Are your cooler door latches busted? Did you know that people can get locked inside with damaged door latches and push rods? Your health and safety inspector can shut you down for damaged and broken latches. How much would you lose in profits if your business got shut down?

How about energy savings? Did you know that when hardware is damaged missing or not functioning properly you are losing energy. That means your unit is working carder to stay cold or warm. Which means your unit will not last as long as you would like it to because of the harder workload. It ALSO means your electric bill is SKYROCKETING.

What’s the takeaway?
Don’t be cheap! Spend the money NOW and fix what needs to be done before someone gets hurt or your location gets shut down. It will cost you more in the long-run.