All food service establishments are subject to local, state, & federal food codes. These are put into place to protect patrons from contracting a food-borne illness. The county health department has specific regulations for all areas of a food service facility.

Be In The Know – Regulated Areas Of Commercial Kitchens Include:

Restaurant Inspections – A Restaurant must pass a health inspection BEFORE it opens. Restaurants that are currently open usually are inspected 2x a year. If a restaurant is in violation, it might be subject to additional inspections.

Contact your county Health Inspectors for the most up to date Health Codes (they also vary from State to State).

Permits Are Required – New restaurants must obtain a permit from the local Health Authority. This verifies that your food service establishment is in compliance with the Local, State, & Federal authorities.

Food – Storage,Handling, & Preparation – There are specific Health Guidelines for handling food. For Example: When gloves are and are not mandatory. It is a good idea to set up meetings with food handlers to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Keeping It Clean – Local health codes stipulate how frequently equipment and food contact surfaces should be cleaned & which cleaners are acceptable. For example: A pan that is used to carry raw meat to the grill must be cleaned and sanitized before any prepared foods can be placed in it.

– Employees must be clean. This also means well groomed and healthy. Send sick employees home. Make sure there are proper hand washing stations in all areas.

– All food service facilities must be equipt to handle patrons with disabilities.The ADA has regulations regarding handicapped accessibility to both the restaurant & its facilities.