Are you getting full of hot air by high electric bills?

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Walk in box strip curtains save money while not spending any. Cooler/Freezer strip curtains are a low cost measure that pay for themselves time over time. The average customer saves 254 a year!* Energy-efficient equipment can reduce your energy costs and save you money while conserving our natural resources.

Benefits of Walk-in Strip Curtains:

-Low Purchase Price

-Instant Savings

-Fast Payback

-Utility Rebates*

-Easy Install

-Increase Compressors Lifetime

-Long lasting

Features of Walk-in Door Strip Curtains:

-Help maintain consistent temperature in refrigerated space

-Overlapping strips of flexible pvc 

-Hang like curtains/easy to install


-Variable widths to accommodate any size opening

-Available in variety of thicknesses, to accommodate different uses

-Prevent dust, dirt and other contaminants from moving to different areas

-Reduce sound transmission

*based on average utility price

*varies by location

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