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One Up!

What gives your foodservice establishment its EGDE? Where do you stand? What keeps your customers from coming back?  Is it your Barista? Your Saucier? Your Atmosphere? What makes you the restaurant, the cafe’, the bar that everyone is talking about?

Little things like pictures in cappuccinos and smaller (yes smaller) portions can benefit a restaurant.  Restaurant goers search for quality in foodservice not quantity. Are you noticing a shift away from commercialized locations to “hip” and “trendy” food joints? Word of mouth is powerful. Especially on Social Media. People spread the word like wildfire. The good. The bad. The ugly. Where does your foodservice establishment measure up?

Not only are restaurants and cafe’s judged on food and drinks, but service and cleanliness as well. Do you have an open kitchen? Is your foodservice equipment up to par? Are door hinges broken or gaskets falling off? Is there uncooked food remnants dripping down your pre-ptable meat drawers?

Bathrooms are another issue. Who tends to those during your busiest times when restrooms turn into unsanitary war zones? Every person employed at the #foodservice establishment needs to be involved from the front of the house all the way to back of the house.

Labor Day Sale

Labor Day Sale

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Paper or Plastic – Patio Dinning

When does it turn too casual? Do your outdoor dinning methods put a damper on your customers dinning experience?

Outdoor dinning is an extension of your restaurant. Many restaurant goers like dinning outdoors more than indoors (weather permitting of course). With that said, how casual is too casual? When does causal turn into an inconvenience? Does your restaurant have different napkins for outdoors that are smaller than normal and have a tendency blow off the diners lap? Do you use plastic cutlery instead of stainless because it’s easier to toss than wash? How does your patron cut their sandwich or steak with a plastic knife? What happens when the knife inevitably breaks into two & leaves the customer stranded breathlessly waiting for their server to return only to beg for more cutlery in hopes that it wont snap again?

Or do you serve paper dishes instead of glass so your diners have to place something heavy on their plate if fear of it taking flight in the wind?

Outdoor dining is something people look forward to in the warmer months. Diners go out for the experience as well as the convenience. When both are not achieved, restaurants easily sabotage their name because the diners experience was less than pleasurable. Resulting in customers not wanting to return to the establishment.

AND… in the restaurant industry word of mouth travels fast!


Happy Christmas…in JULY

FREE Gaskets!!! Happy Christmas in July. Buy 3 cooler or freezer gaskets and get the 4th gasket for FREE! The free gasket must be of equal or lesser value. No coupon needed to get your free cooler or freezer gasket. The gasket discount is taken off in the shopping cart at checkout.

Hurry! Free gasket offer ends Thursday, July 26th!!! Visit for all of your commercial kitchen needs! Can’t figure out a part? Hinged has you covered. We have over 20 years experience in the industry. We can get you what you need when you need it!

Save for the 4th!

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Trouble With Rubber

So you replaced your old worn damaged #coolerdoorseals… Your freezer doors aren’t still closing properly? What gives?

This question comes up in the #foodservice industry periodically. I got new #doorgaskets but now my doors are not closing. At Hinged, our first question is always “How long were the previous gaskets on your cooler, freezer, warmer etc.?” The magnets in cooler door seals can polarize the actual frame of the unit depending on how long the “old” gaskets were there.

There is good new to this. This is not a permanent problem and is easily solved. It’s more of an irritation than anything. The new cooler door seal needs to go on the door and stay there. After 1-2 weeks the unit will reverse its polarity and everything will work like it should. That’s it!

Have more questions? Hinged has answers. Give us a call at 844.292.6694.

Memorial Day Sale

Thank You.

Hinged would like to THANK all of the Servicemen & Women who have gone above and beyond protecting our Country.


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Is Your Kitchen Layout Costing You?

Commercial kitchens are designed for production & food safety. Commercial kitchens are designed so you can complete your work as efficiently as possible. Meaning, convenience of moving from one station to the next or storage. This layout does not necessarily keep in mind energy efficiency.

Does your commercial kitchen have refrigerated drawers under or next to your grill? How about your coolers and freezers are they right next to your warmers or ovens? While your refrigerated equipment is ferociously working hard to stay cool, your heating units are doing the same thing to stay warm or hot! Both are using extra energy to perform their basic function increasing your utility bill.

In a typical foodservice facility, food preparation, refrigeration, & water heating combined represent nearly 60% of total energy usage! While it may not be economical to rearrange your commercial kitchen there are things that you can do to help offset energy usage.

  • Power down when possible – When the afternoon lull hits, turn your kitchen equipment off rather than leaving it sit on idle.
  • Keep Capacity in Mind – Purchase cooking equipment that meets your kitchen’s capacity needs. Equipment that is too large for your foodservice operations will waste unneeded energy.
  • Empower Your Employees –  Make sure all staff members know how to operate the  equipment correctly in order to maximize efficiency.
  • Energy Efficient Equipment – Consider Energy Star Equipment for extra savings.
  • Lighting –  Energy Efficient light can save an additional 60% -70%!
  • Modify Cooking Methods – Try to cook on the same equipment instead of multiple different energy hogging methods.
  • Seal Leaks – Gaskets, Gaskets, Gaskets….save more energy than you realize! Don’t let them stay damaged or missing!!!
  • Periodic Maintenance – Scheduling regular maintenance service for your commercial kitchen equipment will save you the headache of unexpected breakdowns as well as costly repair expenses.

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