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Foggy Doors?

How can customers see your products?

Foggy doors happen when door gasket seals are broken. Not only does this look bad (visually and perceptually), its bad for your refrigeration unit. 

When warm air leaks in and cool air escapes your compressor is working double time! This puts added stress on your refrigeration unit, reducing its overall life span. Not to mention wasting large amounts of cash on your electric bill. 

Save Your Unit. Save Money. Save The Environment.
-Replace your gaskets.



It is time.

Are your gaskets brittle?
It is time.

Are your pre-ptable door gasketsĀ hardened?
It is time.

Are your walk-in cooler gaskets fading?
It is time.

Can you see light through gaps in your gaskets?
It is time.

Gaskets are designed to keep cool air in and warm air out. Replacing them is IMPORTANT! Replacing old worn gaskets insure a proper air-tight seal that promotes longer-lasting doors and refrigeration equipment, therefore reducing the total cost of ownership. AVOID costliness! Bad gaskets lead to air leakage and an overworked compressor, and eventually premature equipment failure.

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Now is a great time to do your preventative maintenance. Double check your compressors to ensure they are running efficiently and effectively!

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Open Refrigerated Cases.

Most grocery and C-stores utilize #openrefrigerated cases. These cases use far more energy to stay cool than #refrigeratedcaes with doors. These types of units are very popular because of their easy “grab and go” functionality. Unfortunately, these #openrefrigeratedcases are a massive waste of energy. In general, #commercialrefrigeration accounts for 30% – 60% of Energy used. Foodservice establishments are responsible for around 3% of total energy consumption! The UK has recently discovered that open refrigeration, in particular, use 1% of Britain’s entire electricity!

How much of your electric bill is because of wasted energy? What can Supermarkets, restaurants, C-stores do to save money? In short, keep warm air out and cool air in. Foodservice establishments need to adopt energy efficient measures. Use #nightcovers on open refrigerated cases and strip curtains on #refrigeratedwarehouses, #walkincoolers and #walkinfreezers. Door closers grab the doors shut and make them stay shut. Replace damaged gasket seals and cooler/freezer door hinges. Make sure your thermostats are temped and working properly.

Training employees on #energy efficiency is key as well. Food servers, line cooks, warehouse workers all need to be educated on #energysavings. Its an easy way to boost your ROI while being environmentally friendly at the same time.


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Refrigeration Environmental Mandate Phases Out in 2020

Commercial Kitchens (especially refrigeration) have a huge negative impact on the environment. Environmental regulations on commercial refrigerants play a key role in the commercial refrigeration market. Through Government mandate, commercial refrigeration equipment after 2010 had to be manufactured with alternative refrigerant (not R-22). . R-22 is set to be completely phased out by 2020. Although all new commercial refrigeration equipment purchased after 2010 utilizes alternative refrigerants, most existing equipment, especially refrigerated display cases and liquid chillers, uses R-22.

There are also new technological advances are emerging (like temperature & operation controls in refrigerators). The global commercial refrigeration market is at a growth stage. This technology uses a single digital controller for features like automated defrost, anti-short cycling, and temperature control. Before, each of these features required their own controlling device.

Best Ways to Save Money & Increase ROI

Reach-in Refrigerated Coolers

Reach-in & Walk-in Coolers & Freezers

  • Perform routine maintenance, such as vacuuming, to remove dust.
  • Turn off the lights in walk-in refrigerators/freezers.
  • Add strip curtains to refrigerated spaces without doors.
  • Defrost regularly.
  • Retrofit or replace old refrigerators and freezers.


  • Turn off office equipment/machines when not in use, wherever possible. (Myth: Equipment lasts longer if it is never turned off.)
  • Unplug appliances/equipment or use power strips. Devices draw power even when switched off.
  • Maintain your equipment to ensure efficient performance.
  • Use energy efficient computers and office equipment.
  • Make sure your motors and motor systems are running at optimum efficiency.
  • Buy ENERGY STARĀ® qualified products.

Heating & Cooling

  • Make sure your HVAC system is operating efficiently.
  • Inspect and clean or replace air filters on a regular basis.
  • Repair leaks in system components such as pipes, steam traps or couplings.
  • Adjust the thermostat during unoccupied times or install a programmable thermostat.
  • Reduce air conditioning hours.
  • Make sure radiators, air intake vents, etc., are not obstructed so that air can flow freely.
  • Control direct sun through windows depending on season and climate.

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Energy-Efficiency …Increase Your Bottom Line

Save money on operating costs puts $$$ back into your pocket. Control your costs by thinking refrigeration. Commercial refrigeration is the #1 energy waster in your C-store, flower shop, grocery store, restaurant, and warehouse. There are many simple ways to save that are usually overlooked.

Two main things to start with when controlling cooler costs is to keep heat out of the building and utilize walk-in strip curtains for your coolers and freezers.

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